"...having a little West Coast family since I couldn't see my own."

Abbey EhlandDirector of Consumer Sales

"..the team I work with who keep me going."

Rachel JefferiesEstate & Retail Operations Manager

"..conversations with the funny, smart, and gracious customers who made me feel like I was talking to friends."

Katherine KatsuraPrivate Experience & Wine Specialist

Most business people tell you that family businesses are pretty tough and difficult to run and we've had no problems - we're getting along fine.

Jim Bundschu

"...my kids, my family, and my work family."

Luies GallegosCellar Master

"...this great team, this great company, and this great winery."

Joe UhrWinemaker

"...experiencing true "Itadakimasu," a Japanese word that means appreciating every moment that brought me here to this moment."

Paz RescateLab Technician

I find myself being thankful for everything these days. Examples would be family, friends, health as well as hot water, pre-peeled garlic, and podcasts. Seriously, there is so much to appreciate wherever I look, I guess I’m most grateful for the ability to notice.

Jeff Bundschu

“I am grateful for all wonderful people from all walks of life I get to meet on my tours. They are a joy and make my job so enjoyable!”

Rob Bundschu

My Family. Not everyone gets a chance to wake up everyday and work alongside their family. Obviously, there are challenges and disagreements, but more often than not, I find myself grateful for working alongside them. There’s both comfort and motivation in knowing we all have the same objectives, values and vision for our family business by wanting to preserve the business not just the next generation, but the generation that comes after.

Katie Bundschu

For not drinking a glass of wine by yourself. People back together. Family & friends. It's a business that's getting people together and enjoying family, friends, camaraderie. And wine has a place on the table for that and as a profession, at the end of the day, that's a pretty special think that all of us get to enjoy. There's a physicalness to what we're doing and it may happen next year it could happen in 10 years or 50 years but the odds of people getting together to enjoy a glass of wine that we can point to that we created on the ranch here, is pretty special.

Towle Merritt